Beginning of the Great War Tour 

Beginning of the Great War Tour is a story about Sarajevo and the official outbreak of war and includes a visit to Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric’s Institute for a presentation about attempts at the revision of history.


Day 1

First day, Belgrade-Visegrad-Sarajevo Departure from Belgrade in the early hours of the morning. Journey over Rudnik, Ovcarsko-Kablarska gorge and Zlatibor to Visegrad. Visiting of Andricgrad, cultural centre and a type of an ethno village located on the confluence of rivers Drina and Rzav in Visegrad.The creator of these buildigs is Emir Kusturica.City tour and a boat ride form Mehmed-pasa Sokolovic bridge to thermal stream in a village Sase and back.Then we continue towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, to Sarajevo, the place where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914.This event was the trigger to the start of the First World War.Accommodation in a hotel.Overnight stay. 

     Day 3

Third day, Sarajevo-Belgrade After breakfast we are heading to Serbia, towards Zvornik, where in the stones next to Drina is a complex of underground shelters dug in the 30s as a shelter for king Aleksandar and General Staff. Next we are going to Krupanj, a place where important battles from both World Wars took place. We will visit he church mausoleum, designed by architect Korunovic. We are then heading back to Drina to take a break at “Suncana reka”, beautiful complex with its own beach next to the shady river Drina. Here you have the opportunity to rest and eat some of Serbia’s specialties. Then we continue to Cer, where the Serbian army recorded their first win in August 1914. Then break in the village of Tekeris where we will visit the memorial complex built to the glory of the fallen soldiers and their prominent commanders. Drive to Belgrade. Arrival in the evening.

Day 2

Second day, Sarajevo 28th of June 1914 was the day when Gavrilo Princip assassinated Austro-Hungarian Archduke Frantz Ferdinand. 100 years later we take you to Sarajevo, a place where series of cultural events are being organised by France and Germany. Visiting the most important sights od the city: Town hall,bridges, Bascarsija,… All of these locations were the main targets during the big war.Free time for those who want to have lunch or explore Sarajevo on their own.Don’t miss the joy of cevapi from Sarajevo, baklava and other pastries with a cup of coffee in a pleasant and friendly conversations with the locals. Visit the old shops and bistros that still carry the spirit of earlier Bosnia and Bascarsija. Accommodation at a hotel, overnight stay.

 image by : chris Leslie