North Korea Peace Tours


Pyongyang-Kaesong-Nampo ITINERARY Day 1 (Mon/Tue/Fri/Sat):JS 152 on Mon/Fri, PEK-FNJ, 1200h-1500hJS 152 on Tue/Sat, PEK-FNJ, 1300-1600h,met by KITC guides, transfer into the city,  Arch of Triumph, Welcome Dinner at Chongryu Hotpot

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Pyongyang-Kaesong-Mt.Myohyang ITINERARY Day 1 JS 152 on Mon/Fri, PEK- FNJ, 1200h-1500h JS 152 on Tue, PEK-FNJ, 1300h-1600h JS 252 on Thu, PEK-FNJ, 1400h-1700h met by KITC guides, transfer into the

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