Pyongyang-Nampo- Kaesong Wonsan-Mt.Kumgang


Day 1

  • JS 152 on Mon/Fri, PEK-FNJ, 1200h-1500h
  • JS 152 on Tue/Sat, PEK-FNJ, 1300h-1600h
  • JS 252 on Thu, PEK-FNJ, 1400h-1700h

met by KITC guides, transfer into the city, Arch of Triumph, welcome dinner at Chongryu Hotpot restaurant, stay at Koryo hotel.

Day 3

West Sea Barrage – Drive through Mt.Kuwol – Woljong Temple – lunch in Sariwon City – to Kaesong – call at Pongsan Unjong Stock Farm Village for “Traditional Pongsan Talchum” by farmers(E15/p.p./group 5+pax) – Tomb of King Kongmin, local cuisine dinner (E5/p.p.) & Folkcustoms Hotel.

Day 5

Drive to Wonsan, Lunch at Kalmaegi Restaurant in Wonsan City, Songdowon Schoolchildren’s Summer Camp, visit Anbyon Chonsam Cooperative Farm Village,  drive to Mt.Kumgang, dinner and stay at Oekumgang hotel.

Day 7

cable car to Daehwa peak(*optional; Euro 28), relax at Masikryong resort, lunch at the hotel, back to Pyongyang, Mausoleum of King Tongmyong, farewell dinner at Paradise restaurant, stay at Koryo hotel.


Day 2 

Kumsusan  Palace of Sun, Foreign Language bookshop, Taedong Gate, Ryongwang Pavilion, Pyongyang Bronze Bell, Lunch on Daedonggang Boat(E20/p.p.)  on Taedong river, Kim Il Sung Square –  Mansudae Fountain Park- Mansudae Grand Monuments –  Juche Tower- Mangyongdae(Birthplace of President Kim Il Sung), Metro, drive to Nampo, dinner and overnight at Ryonggang Hotspa hotel.

Day 4

Panmunjom on DMZ, Koryo History Museum. Lunch in Folkcustom hotel Restaurant. back to Pyongyang, Circus show(* optional; Euro 20), dinner & stay Koryo hotel.


Day 6 

Excursion to Mt.Kumgang-Kuryong Waterfall, Lunch at Moknan restaurant, Laggon Samil, back to Wonsan, dinner and stay at Masikryong hotel.

Day 8

  • JS 151 on Mon/Tue/Fri/Sat; FNJ-PEK, 0900h-1000h
  • JS 251 on Thu; FNJ-PEK, 1030h-1130h