Day 1

(Mon/Tue/Fri/Sat):JS 152 on Mon/Fri, PEK-FNJ, 1200h-1500hJS 152 on Tue/Sat, PEK-FNJ, 1300-1600h,met by KITC guides, transfer into the city,  Arch of Triumph, Welcome Dinner at Chongryu Hotpot restaurant, stay Koryo Hotel.

 Day 3

(Wed/Thu/Sun/Mon):drive to Kaesong, visit Panmunjom on DMZ, lunch at Kaesong Folkcustom hotel(Royal meal), visit Nam Gate, Koryo history museum, Tomb of King Kongmin, Back to Pyongyang. Monument to National Reunification, Farewell Dinner at Paradise Restaurant. Stay at Koryo hotel


Day 2 

Tue/Wed/Sat/Sun):Pyongyang city tour-Mansudae Fountain Park- Mansudae Grand Monument– Grand People’s Study House- Foreign Language Bookshop- Taedong Gate- Ryongwang Pavilion- Pyongyang Bronze Bell- Kim Il Sung square- Lunch on Daedonggang Boat(E20/p.p.) on Taedong River. Tower of Juche Idea–Pyongyang Metro- Mangyongdae Native House(birthplace of President Kim Il Sung), Korean War Museum & US ship (E20/p.p.), dinner and stay at Koryo hotel, evening visit to Youth Funfair(* optional; Euro 10 pp).

Day 4

(Thu/Fri/Mon/Tue): JS 151, FNJ-PEK, 0900h-1000h