Hiroshima Walks: Peace Park & Museum

In One Day

Cultural Walking Tour of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum and/or Other City Destinations with a knowledgeable local guide

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is now a tranquil setting but it once was a bustling city center prior to August 6, 1945. A narrated walk around the park with a HOT guide will give you insight into the modern history of Hiroshima. During the walk, you will hear stories about monuments, memorials, and people concerned in addition to the historical facts. The Peace Memorial Museum will be visited before or after the walk. The whole three hours can be spent on the park and the museum. Or you may include A Walk to the downtown shopping district of Hiroshima during the three-hour walk. Other options are being conceived, such as a bus or taxi ride to Naka Incineration Plant or experiencing a Tea ceremony in the vicinity. They will be posted when fully prepared. Please inquire of longer tours that take you beyond the park/museum area to Hiroshima Castle and/or Shukkeien Japanese Garden. Also, the walking tour to the castle and garden are offered independently. All hot tour guides work for Hiroshima Walks excursions