Laos New Year

14 Apr to 16 Apr   Fri to Sun 2023

on the first day of the Lao New Year Festival, Van Sun Khan Luang or typing as ວັນສັງຂານລ່ວງ. Today is also the last day of the old year. Lao people will prepare some flowers, perfume water, etc… Moreover, we will arrange some material for going to the temple (Wat in Lao) and we will take the perfumed water to the Buddha images, especially elders usually like to visit the Wat this day. 

The Buddha images are moved to a temporary place and easy to access for many visitors



Activities in Lao New Year

Visiting families and friends, get traveling together to make merit, and go to temples, May Buddha continues to give us his/her best blessing for bringing him/her, as well as families.

  • The water throwing to each other at roadsides and places.
  • To make an activity for respecting the parents, grandparents, or the oldest generation in the house. We call “Som Mar” in Lao or Typing as “ສົມມາ”.
  • Travel to places with family, friends. The most popular tourist destination during this time is the river.
  • Consecrate the image of the Buddha with perfume, if you want to do well, meditate at least nine temples.



 Upcoming Lao New Year Festival in luang Pra bang.

                     Happy Lao New Year! Sabaidee Pi Mai Lao in Lao. The Laos New Year or Pi Mai Lao in Lao language, it is the biggest festival of the year for all Lao. Laos has many colorful festivals and celebrations happening from the beginning of the year until the end of each year. Please stay up to date on events going on and join in the happy time with Lao, if you plan to travel to Laos soon!
Hey! What is your next destination? Please don’t forget to Laos on your list. Laos is a land lock country, but Lao is generous. Welcome to Laos! Have you ever visited Lao this month? You should. I guarantee that you will have a fun and wonderful time on your holiday during the Lao New Year Celebration .
                   If Lao people stay in the Vientiane capital, they will plan to return to their hometown. This is the longest holiday of the year, so they prefer to visit their parents, families on this occasion.



The second day of the Lao New Year Festival, Van Nao or typing as ວັນສັງຂານເນົາ )and 15th Apr 2023 : the third day of the Lao New Year Festival Van Nao. It means “the day of no day” as it falls between the last year and New Year.

The last day of the Lao New Year Festival, Van Sun Khan Kheun or typing as ວັນສັງຂານຂຶ້້ນ, so it means the starting of New Year Pi Mai Lao. After, Lao celebrated the long holiday per year.

Water throwing is the main thing for all the three-four days’ activities. Please prepare enough clothes for the Lao New Year celebration. If you visit Laos during this period, you will be wet by friendly unknown people; I guarantee to loll….you should prepare many clothes for wearing. Because many people will throw water at each other when you pass by.

Visit the Tham Krasea Buddha Cave. (small statue of a Buddha) and sightseeing around railway That more beautiful.