Northern Ireland Peace Tours

Things to do in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Understanding Belfast’s troubled past, experience living history, and explore the city through the eyes of those who lived worked, and fought through these turbulent times A 3-hour walk with guides from both communities Upon arrival, you will be met by a Republican ex-political prisoner who will take you on a guided walk along the Falls Road and share their personal story on this 3-hour tour. You have an opportunity to photograph the local murals and witness visible signs of this community’s desire to be part of an Irish Republic. We pass through the electronically-controlled gates leading to the predominately protestant area of The Shankill Road. We meet with a Loyalist ex-political prisoner who will accompany you through the streets of the Shankill while sharing their personal story. You will witness the determination of the locals who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom. You will have the opportunity to sign the Peace Wall, leaving your thoughts alongside those of Bill Clinton and The Dalai Lama.