Sarajevo Total Siege Tour

Sarajevo Total Siege Tour, with a visit to the War Tunnel Museum, Jewish Cemetery, Yellow Bastion, Olympic mountain of Trebević (with its most famous symbol – Olympic Bobsled track), and other locations important for better understanding of modern World longest siege – Siege of Sarajevo, is by far the most interesting half-day tour you can conduct when visiting Sarajevo.
This 4-hour experience will ensure an easy understanding of, reasons and facts behind the breakup and death of Yugoslavia, the Siege of Sarajevo, the Genocide in Srebrenica, and the overall story of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
At the same time, the ideas we share are totally unbiased, fact-based, and first-hand experiences.


  • Save your money and totally optimize your time by joining the Sarajevo Siege 4-hour tour.
  • Walk the narrow man-made tunnel and understand why is it popularly called the “Tunnel of Hope”.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of the Olympic Mt. Trebevic and explore the abandoned bobsled.
  • Visit one of the oldest and largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe.
  • Join a tour guided by a Sarajevo Siege survivor and get the first-hand story of personal experiences.
  • Combine our Siege Tour with your inbound or outbound flight and save money.
  • Indulge in mind-provoking history puzzles and understand the story of the Death of Yugoslavia.